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What to Expect from Your Key Extraction Service

When you find yourself in a lockout situation due to a broken key, Fantastic Locksmiths are here to help. Equipped with professional toolkits, our locksmiths specialise in carefully extracting snapped keys from locks or other objects that may have ended up inside.

It's important to avoid attempting to remove the broken key yourself, as this can worsen the situation. Let our experts handle it. Here is how our broken key extraction service typically goes:

Discussion with the professional: Upon arrival, the appointed technician will discuss the specifics in regard to the snapped key inside the lock.

Key-Picking and Extraction: Our locksmith will utilise professional key-picking tools to extract the broken key from the lock. Having a spare key will allow you to lock or unlock the door once the extraction is complete.

Evaluation and Recommendations: If the broken key is deeply lodged within the lock, our expert will provide options, which may involve replacing the entire lock with a new one.

Wide Range of Quality Locks: Our locksmiths carry a diverse selection of high-quality locks, including Mortice locks, smart locks, and anti-snap euro-cylinder locks. You can choose the most suitable lock for your needs.

Expert Lock Replacement: Sometimes, our locksmith may need to use a power drill or force to gain entry and replace a malfunctioning lock with a new one.

Trust Fantastic Locksmith for professional key extraction and lock replacement services. We are here to assist you in any lock-related emergencies.

The Benefits of Choosing us for your Locksmith Needs

Round-the-Clock Broken Key Extraction Service
Available 24/7, you can rely on us to send a skilled locksmith to your property to extract the snapped key. We prioritise quick response times and aim to arrive within 30 minutes of your call, barring unforeseen traffic delays. Trust Fantastic Locksmith for reliable and efficient services.

Highly trained and certified locksmiths
Fantastic Locksmith is proud to offer its highly-rated services due to our diligent and experienced locksmiths. When you need a broken key extraction, your expert will arrive with all the tools to solve the issue on short notice.

Workmanship guarantee of 12 months

All our services come with a 12-month guarantee on workmanship. If anything is to happen with your lock, previously installed by us, don't hesitate to contact us. We will make sure to send a professional to fix the problem free of any charges!

Frequently Asked Questions about our Broken Key Extraction Service

What to do with my broken key stuck in the lock?

It's best to leave it there and not try to remove it because doing so could cause further damage.

How long will it take to complete the service?

The duration of the task depends on its complexity. If a key is stuck or broken and cannot be extracted, the lock may have to be replaced. However, if everything goes smoothly, the extraction service should not exceed an hour.

Does the locksmith provide locks if my case requires replacement?

The locksmith will arrive with an array of locks compliant with the BS3621 standard, including 2-5 Lever Mortice locks, Yale locks, multi-locks, deadbolt locks, and more. If you require another type of lock, the technician can purchase it for you. They will let you know of the extra fees on-site.

Can a new key be created from an existing broken one?

It is feasible, but the newly cut key is not guaranteed to fit perfectly. We can help you cut a new set of keys. However, this service cannot be provided on-site. Moreover, replacing the entire lock may be more cost-effective than replacing the broken key with a new one.

Areas where you can find our broken key extraction service

Our broken key extraction service is accessible to locations throughout the Greater London area. We prioritize transparency in pricing, respect for your schedule and privacy, and providing valuable advice to assist you in selecting the ideal service for your home, business, or vehicle.

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