Safe Opening Service in London

Attain immediate access to your valuables with the assistance of a skilled and seasoned locksmith!

  • Emergency bookings available 24/7
  • Highly trained and fully equipped safe engineers
  • Available all over the M25 area in London
  • Free video surveying for price quote estimation
  • Add a valid postcode
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How to Book A Safe Opening Locksmith Service in 3 Steps

  • Schedule a safe opening service with us

    Utilise the online booking form or directly call us to enlist the services of a dedicated locksmith expert committed to assisting you.

  • Select an available time slot

    Your time is valuable to us, so choose a date and time that suits your schedule.

  • He’ll examine the safe and determine the best way to unlock it

    The locksmith will use the safest way to unlock your safe and grant you access to your valuables, depending on your situation.

What to Expect from Our Safe Locksmith Service

Around-the-clock emergency booking
Whether you’re a business or homeowner, losing your safe keys or combination code can be stressful because of all the valuable belongings inside. We understand how urgent accessing your locked safe is, so we offer an around-the-clock emergency service. Schedule a free video survey where the Fantastic professionals can see your safe’s make and model to give you a price quotation.

A timely solution for your convenience
On the day of the appointment, expect an insured professional, safe engineer to visit within 30 minutes if you live inside the M25 zone. The locksmiths will diagnose the problem, be it mechanical or faults, loss of keys or codes, or something caught in a door. Afterwards, they will determine the best way to tackle it.

Fully equipped and insured safe engineers at your service
Highly skilled professionals perform all our services, and the safe locksmith service is no expectation. They are trained to handle all types of safes, including digital, combination, and key lock safes. In a short time, you will gain access to your belongings and rest assured that they are intact without any damage.

Unlocking all types of security safes
You don’t need to wonder if your safe is eligible for our services. The safe opening engineers that work with Fantastic Locksmith have experience unlocking all types of safes, including drawer, data, diversion, gun, office, deposit, portable, and fire safes.

Why Choose Fantastic Locksmith

Free video survey
Free video surveying is a recent method we offer our customers upon request. Through video, our experts look at the safe’s model and make a price quotation for opening the safe. We prepare the quotes within 48 hours.

24/7 emergency service
The Fantastic Locksmith services are available all day long, and if it’s an emergency, we won’t make you wait for long. Depending on availability, the arrival frame is between 30-40 minutes inside the M25 area.

Experienced and qualified professionals
Our locksmiths are highly trained safe engineers, certified to work with all types of safes. They provide the highest standard of work and take extra care to ensure your belongings remain undamaged throughout the process.

Insured services
All our services are insured, so you can feel at ease letting us handle your lock-related issues. Our public liability insurance will cover legal costs in case of accidental damage. We aim to build trust and provide high-quality services for all our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Safe Locksmith Service

How long will the service take?

If it’s an emergency call, we will send an expert within 30 minutes if you live in the M25 area. The timeframe depends on the condition, type and model of your safe. Our expert will determine the needed time for the service on-site

Can I open the safe myself if I have all the right tools?

We recommend against attempting to open the safe yourself. Cutting through the metal of the save can cause a fire if not done right and you also risk injuring yourself during the process. Moreover, kicking or smashing can damage the lock because safes are designed to resist force. We also advise avoiding drilling the lock or spilling anything inside it.

What areas in London do you operate in?

We offer our services in the M25 area in London.

How do you open a combination lock?

Our professionals don’t attempt to figure out code combinations. Instead, we use power tools and equipment to apply a forced-entry method.

Areas where you can book the safe opening service:

We provide safe opening in the entirety of the M25 postcode. We aim to maintain complete transparency regarding pricing, respect your schedule and privacy, and are ready to provide valuable advice when selecting services related to the security of your home.

Below is the full list of areas where you can find us:

  • Central London

  • East London

  • North London

  • North West London

  • South East London

  • South London

  • South West London

  • West London

Schedule a safe opening service with us today!