CCTV Installation Service in London

Enhance the security of your London property against burglary with the installation of a CCTV security system!

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  • Professional and well-trained technicians
  • 12-month workmanship warranty
  • Free video survey
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CCTV system installation with Fantastic Locksmith

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Learn more about our CCTV installation service

Booking your CCTV installation service online is easy - simply fill out the form on our website or give us a call to schedule a visit. A customer service representative will gladly assist you throughout the way and confirm your booking.

This service caters to both residential and commercial properties within the M25 zone of Greater London.

Our services include indoor video surveillance alternatives and various outdoor wired and wireless IP/HD CCTV camera systems. Whether you're looking to enhance the safety of your property due to the increasing occurrences of vandalism and burglaries or want to monitor a vulnerable family member or child indoors, we have got you covered. Our extensive experience and certification as Cube CCTV installers in London ensure we provide the highest quality service.

Our technicians are highly experienced, qualified, and fully insured to install various CCTV camera systems. They always arrive prepared with the appropriate tools necessary for the job.

Why Choose Our CCTV Installation Service

Reliable installation for enhanced security
Our professional CCTV camera system installation services can help improve the security of your property and deter unauthorised access. Whether you require the installation of a single outdoor CCTV camera or several wireless cameras placed in strategic indoor locations, we have you covered.

Certified CCTV installers
Our technicians are NCFE-certified Cube CCTV installers. The installers offer various installation options, including wired or wireless CCTV camera installation. If you’re unsure which option to choose, our professionals would be happy to give you expert advice.

Free video survey
We have recently implemented a new surveying method for situations where you require a new camera installation. This approach allows us to assess the basics and discuss the most suitable type of cameras. Once we have gathered your preferences and requirements, we will provide you with a quote within 48 hours.

12-Month warranty
Our service guarantee ensures that all the work we perform is backed up for 12 months following the completion of the job. If there are any issues with the camera installation, we will send someone to inspect and redo the job, free of charge.

Easy booking process
We strive to make the CCTV installation booking process as effortless and convenient as possible. With our online booking system, you can easily select the service you require, choose a suitable time and date, and we will be there on time.

Frequently asked questions about the CCTV installation service

How long does it take to install the CCTV cameras?

The installation time will vary depending on the number and type of CCTV cameras you require. On average, it takes approximately one hour for a technician to install a wireless camera.

Is the CCTV installation service available on weekends?

While our availability may vary, we aim to be as flexible as possible. However, we offer our services 7 days a week, including public holidays.

Do you supply CCTV cameras?

We are currently unable to supply any video surveillance security devices. However, we can offer guidance on the available options during the booking process. You will need to buy the camera devices before the scheduled installation appointment.

Explain to me what is a video survey for CCTV installation

We have recently introduced a new approach to conducting surveys for new camera installations. This allows us to assess the essentials and engage in discussions regarding the type of camera needed. Following your preferences and requirements, we will furnish you with a quote within 48 hours.

Areas where you can benefit from our CCTV installation service

You can schedule a CCTV installation service with us if you are located in the M25 postcode. Worry not, we don't have any hidden fees, and our professionals can offer you expert advice regarding our services.

Below is the full list of areas where you can find us:

  • Central London

  • East London

  • North London

  • North West London

  • South East London

  • South London

  • South West London

  • West London

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