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When it comes to eviction, a Fantastic locksmith can significantly assist

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For an easy eviction process, enlist the help of a professional locksmith.

Are you fed up with tenants who don't pay their rent and have even gone so far as to sublet your property without permission? Then, it may be time to take the next step of evicting them. To make this process stress-free, hiring a qualified locksmith is essential.

When reclaiming your rental property, Fantastic Locksmith can be of help. After the court has issued a Warrant of Possession and an Enforcement Agent or bailiff is assigned to carry out the eviction process, our team will assist you with regaining access to your property.

Regarding tenant eviction, you can rely on our locksmiths, who are fully trained and experienced in the field. They work with the assigned house repossession professional to ensure the property is secured against unauthorised access by former tenants or other individuals. This is accomplished by replacing the locks of the house or flat.

For all your lock needs, Fantastic Locksmith is here to help. With specialised tools and a BS6321 standard lock of your choice, they will complete any job with expertise.

Why opt for our eviction locksmith service?

The locksmiths can provide top-notch service because they bring all the necessary tools and equipment.
Using a trustworthy locksmith instead of skipping an experienced eviction specialist can be a more cost-effective and less stressful option.
Without an Enforcement Agent or bailiff present during the eviction, you may have to wait months for another appointment, which could result in lost rental income.

12-month warranty on our workmanship on a lock replacement
No matter the job, locksmiths, we trust guarantee their work for 6 months. This applies whether they replace locks after a tenant eviction or install additional security devices.
The experts have an array of top-notch locks that comply with British standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the tenant eviction locksmith in London

Can landlords change the locks when dealing with troublesome tenants?

No, they are not. This kind of action would be considered a breach of legal protocol and is strictly prohibited. Evicting a tenant requires adhering to specific steps, such as issuing proper notices, abiding by set waiting periods, and attending court hearings that will allow for the execution of a Warrant of Possession through a professional bailiff or Enforcement Agent.

Is the eviction locksmith service hourly-based?

Our eviction locksmith services are not based on hourly rates. The cost will be determined when the locksmith is at the property. Tenants may agree to leave without the locksmith's assistance; however, replacing the damaged lock may be necessary.

Is it necessary for a locksmith to be present on the day of an eviction?

While not legally required, a locksmith is generally expected to be onsite when evicting tenants. They may refuse to grant access to the property, and without the help of an experienced and equipped professional, there could be delays or even failure in evicting them from the building.

Are tenants permitted to replace the lock during their tenancy?

Tenants are not authorised to change the locks without your consent. If you encounter such a circumstance, you have the right to proceed with an eviction procedure.

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